First dose of two of Pfizer, in less than ten seconds.

On a random Sunday in 2021 about one in the afternoon, I received my first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. I cried a little. I wept. I was so full of gratitude.

Just days before my neighbor called out for me from behind her fence, “Were you able to schedule one? Because I’ve got Summa on the phone and they have openings this Sunday! Here, let me put it on speaker…,” as I suddenly grabbed my mask and booked a slot after unsuccessfully trying for over a month.

Checked in, arrived a few minutes early and stayed in my car…

Photo from @Kirantara

There we were. In the year that brought us eight months of April, on day five of Tuesday and the weekend suddenly became a Saturday we’d never known before that could last forever.

And millions of people, coast to coast, across the globe, took to the streets in a spontaneous celebration. From neighborhoods to those big city metros, it was wall to wall.

During a pandemic that has claimed over 1.2 million lives. And counting.

Most wore masks. Some tried to keep distance. Many could not have cared less because the risk didn’t override the reward of the experience.


Ivan took his life in August. I was twenty something. Early twenty something. It’s so weird to not even be able to recall my exact age or the range of year or specific date anymore.

Because I told myself, I’d never forget and always remember where and when.

I think it was the 17th. But it might have been two days later. I think it was two days after that. I used to commemorate his death every year. For decades.

I just don’t anymore.

But I remember where and when and I didn’t forget.

If you asked me where I…

I promise you this is the easiest shrimp recipe you’ll find. It’s been my #StayAtHome go to when I don’t want to order in and I, once again, forgot to defrost the hamburger.

Start with buying some frozen raw large or jumbo shrimp. This part matters, first, because it’s something you can just toss in your freezer, second, because if you buy the cooked shrimp, it won’t marinate right and will turn out tougher.

Next, buy a bottle of ready to serve margarita. …

Image by pedro_wroclaw from Pixabay

It isn’t rational. It isn’t logical. It is the farthest thing from critical thought one could imagine. And yet, too many people simply cannot grasp that life as we knew it before is gone. Yesterday isn’t coming back. And today is the day we have to accept that if we want to have any chance of some sort of normal tomorrow.

This isn’t temporary. I know you want it to be. I know you’re tired of staying in and anxious for your children and bored with baking and miss shopping and afraid the economy will continue to spiral and your…

EGrattan. April 6, 2020.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that wearing this was easy. It wasn’t. It was hard for many nuanced reasons. Most of which come down to privilege and just the sheer stress of where we actually are in this pandemic.

In many cultures, wearing a mask when one is ill or may have a slight cough is a norm. It’s a sign of respect to others.

My mind knew this. My vanity didn’t.

It’s a pretty mask. Hand sewn by a member of our extended family. We each have one. She even made a Snoopy patterned…

She’s a one in a million girl.

I know friends who feel like I do about these microphones. The RE-20. Broadcast standard in radio studios coast to coast for decades.

I bought her in 2003 when I launched my home studio. No exceptions, that would be the mic I chose.

I’ve used different interfaces, different software, different desks, rooms and sometimes, no room at all — just her, lugged around with luggage getting swabbed by TSA as I stood barefoot in the airport.

She saw coffee shop bathrooms and she lived in storage facilities. She was there when I was…

So, it’s a new normal now. The coronavirus pandemic has all of us in different routines and different anxieties and different opportunities to showcase community, together — apart. It’s just weird. So, I thought I might share some of what I experienced the last time my world was rocked with something similar.

While it is true that a global pandemic isn’t anything we’ve seen in a century, there are some paralells to other natural disasters and life changing sudden shifts in daily life as we know it. A few years back, hurricane season moved with force upon our country. We…

Proponent Testimony. Delivered February 19, 2020. Columbus OH

The following is an abridged version of live and submitted proponent testimony for Ohio Senate Bill 162.

Watch video of the testimony.

February 19, 2020

Good morning and thank you for allowing me to speak today on behalf of Ohio Senate Bill 162. My name is Elizabeth Grattan and I am here as a concerned citizen — I’m also here as a friend to those who have suffered sexual assault, some you have heard from or will hear from today and others who may still not have found the courage to share their story.

Because the truth is, most won’t…

Seeing it again was… something.

It’s been a couple years now. And plenty of people have plenty of perspectives enough about what exactly a person should feel by now.

But when the palm trees sway at just a slight certain angle, or the wind goes still, or you find the “Post Irma Normal” wine bottle you saved because you never wanted to think of all the whiskey that got you through those days. Then… it all comes rushing back again. And it’s a hurdle.

And time just makes the memories hit your heart and mind in different…

Elizabeth Grattan

A Woman With A Voice. And Something To Say.

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