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There we were. In the year that brought us eight months of April, on day five of Tuesday and the weekend suddenly became a Saturday we’d never known before that could last forever.

And millions of people, coast to coast, across the globe, took to the streets in a spontaneous celebration. From neighborhoods to those big city metros, it was wall to wall.

During a pandemic that has claimed over 1.2 million lives. And counting.

Most wore masks. Some tried to keep distance. Many could not have cared less because the risk didn’t override the reward of the experience.

It wasn’t a ball game win. It wasn’t a planned protest or political rally. It wasn’t a revolt or an uprising. It wasn’t a concert or a mass ceremony. It wasn’t even a collective of families doing some sort of backyard “haven’t been able to hug you for months” gathering. …


Elizabeth Grattan

A Woman With A Voice. And Something To Say.

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